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Sofia, Bulgaria, 2010

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What we are?

Wyn River is a niche advisory firm of independent associates focused on improving business performance in Central and South East Europe, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Africa.  We advise business owners about debt and equity funding solutions as well as cash flow, profit improvement strategies and project management.  We also advise stakeholders on new investment, project finance and restructuring issues acrosss our wide geography.

No Plan, No Money.  Cash is King.  Lessons you learn in school but can easily be forgotten while running a dynamic organisation.

Wyn River was established at the start of 2013 and has adopted the growing trend of being a highly networked organisation. We do not carry the cost of large staff numbers and overheads and pass that cost advantage on to our clients.  Our team converts thought leadership into client leadership with an emphasis on execution not report writing.  Plan.  Do.  Review.

We have a large number of well established relationships with other independent consultants, both individuals and firms, either from our chosen geography or with relevant regional experience.  We also connect our clients to suitable third party professional services firms such as accountants, lawyers, and tax advisers. You can read more about some of those relationships in our International Connections section.

Wyn River is not an investor but we have links to specialist private equity firms and angel investors who support growth and stressed businesses during this unprecedented period of change and economic and financial uncertainty.   We do not advise on capital market activity but work closely with FCA regulated organisations that do.

Our associates usually do not take executive director positions personally but we have access to a large selection of experienced professionals, both local and international, who act in that capacity for both private and listed corporations.

Our approach to Project Management?

Project management is key to delivering solutions successfully.  Wyn River Limited associates bring many years of project management experience.  We have worked in challenging environments and situations in multi-disciplinary teams and across various countries.  People, language, time zone, cultural barriers, deadlines and budgets must be managed with skill and sensitivity.

Wyn River, across all our solutions, works closely with clients to build a practical  execution plan which clearly states who is responsible for what, why, when and how.  On simple projects, that will normally be an allocation of roles and responsibilities between the Wyn River associate and our client’s team.  On more complex assignments, Wyn River guides clients on how to build and manage the project team to avoid duplication of effort and eliminate inefficiencies.  Planning in advance and clear communication structures unlock value-added elements from experienced advisers and pass maximum cost-benefit to our clients.  This process alone can save money for our clients.

How we work?

Athens, Greece, 2010

Wyn River Limited is not a partnership.  Wyn River Limited is owned and managed by Nigel Davies but is a joint endeavour between him, his fellow associates and a selection of affiliated firms.  Most Wyn River associates are freelance advisers operating their own private firms independently in their own markets.  We share a common intent and we share a central branding platform.  Our associates are known personally by Nigel Davies and have been selected individually.  There is no sharing of profits or liabilities.  A simple mirrored commission agreement between us gives incentives to cross refer assignments to those best placed geographically or by function or situation to serve our clients in the best way. 

Wyn River associates meet prospective clients for an initial discussion without charge.  Most of our work comes from introductions to businesses through banks, law firms and other intermediaries.

Our clients enter into a simple daily rate contract for a single named Wyn River associate for a capped number of days.  We can introduce advisers from other organisations to our clients if necessary.  No introductions are made unless agreed in advance with our client.   All advisers from Wyn River and other third party organisations are contracted by our clients directly and separately. After initial assessments, we can develop a success fee structure to align our reward to the goals we agree with our clients. 

All our client work is treated in strict confidence.  Apart from previous projects which are already public knowledge, successful Wyn River projects will only be included in our marketing material with express agreement from our clients.

Wyn River Limited works in total compliance with the UK Bribery Act and US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and any related regional legislation.

Belgrade, Serbia, 2012

Where does Wyn River come from?

What inspires us?  Where does our good energy come from?

Wyn is not an English word.  It is the Welsh word for “white” and “pure”.  However, we are happy for people to think “wyn” means “win”.  We strive for a win-win situation with our clients and it also captures the competitive spirit of our founder and his family.  We also hate corruption.  We understand the crisis in management, leadership and the economy that followed the fall of the Iron Curtain, but now 20 years later, there is no reason for corruption within governments or companies other than personal greed.  That is not in our DNA.  We are very encouraged by the progress made in countries like Georgia and the landmark actions recently in Serbia. This remains a challenge for much of Africa.

Rivers are essential for distributing water for drinking and agriculture, as well as recreation, transport, sanitation and power generation.  Water related industries across Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Africa require a significant amount of infrastructure funding over the next twenty years. We believe passionately that rivers must be kept clean and healthy, kept “wyn” or pure.  We also like the connection between rivers and money.  Where are the peaks and troughs in your cashflows? Will your river dry up?  When do you need extra reserves to finance expansion or to protect against the markets reacting in an unpredictable way?  We can unlock new funding for you.

Triskele is the name given to the three-legged geometrical shape which is also part of our logo.  This is of Celtic origin, several thousand years old, reflecting the Welsh links of the founder.  Nigel Davies has three children each of whom has a Welsh name – Gwyneth, Bronwyn and Carwyn – all containing the Welsh word wyn.  A further twist in this story is that the Celts of Ireland and Wales are most likely linked to the original Celts who emerged from … Central Europe!

About the Founder of Wyn River Limited

Kingston-Upon-Thames, United Kingdom, 2013

Nigel Davies is an economics graduate and chartered accountant with 30 years of experience of providing quality professional services to his clients.  Nigel started working in Eastern Europe over 20 years ago and in 2016 moved to the Ivory Coast to support the African Development Bank with certain underperforming private sector projects. You can read more of his project successes in the Team and Spirit section, but what of him as an individual?

A few points on why Central and Eastern Europe and his new African challenge.

A little bit about family legacy, early school days in Denmark, his love of rowing and the Olympic Torch.  This bit is not compulsory reading but if you are curious, click here.

Unique Selling Points for our company solutions

  • Experience – Wyn River associates are all committed professionals with real experience of Western and Eastern European, Caucasus, Central Asian and African projects gained since the mid 1990s.
  • Geography and Trust – we have Wyn River associates placed in certain markets but have complete coverage for the whole region through our connections to other local individuals and organisations, based on personal goodwill built over many years.
  • Approach – we want to deliver value for money and real impact.  If we don’t think we can help, we will say so. We are transparent.
  • Cost structure – as we have minimal payroll and overhead costs, our daily rates are competitive.
  • Depth – although we are a modest network of named associates, we have access to a very large pool of international and local expertise but will always let our clients control whether and how that additional resource is used.
  • Social Media – active sharing of news and analysis on the region via Twitter feeds and blogs.
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