Public Private Partnership financing for Infrastructure and Energy projects in Serbia

On 6 December 2013, UK Trade & Investment Serbia in conjunction with Wyn River Limited, ran a webinar on the future potential for Public Private Partnership financing models for infrastructure and energy projects in Serbia.  Wyn River holds the view that this approach is suitable for several, but not all, projects.  What is the best way to deliver quality services at the best cost to consumers over the life of the project?  It is all about comparing cheap finance for public projects verses more expensive finance for the private sector, but with efficiency gains from procurement and operation over (up to) 25 years. It is a complex contractual and risk sharing area where UK professionals can help to de-mystify key aspects, based on several decades of successful and less successful project experiences both in UK and South East Europe.  The UKTI and Wyn River slides are available on request.

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