EBRD President's speech on joint investments with Israel coincides with Wyn River's own country coverage expansion

The President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has just given a speech covering both the latest expansion of its operations into North Africa and parts of the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as several co-investments into technology operations with Isreali companies across much of Eastern Europe.  You can read President Suma Chakrabarti's interesting presentation in EBRD's press release.  By coincidence, Wyn River is pleased to confirm this week that Len Judes has joined as the Wyn River associate for both Cyprus and Israel, also bringing his own deep connections via Israel to technology investments in Central and Eastern Europe, noticably Lithuania.  Len is the founder of the Lithuanian Israeli Technology Hub as well as having considerable engagement over the years with several associated Chambers of Commerce, including the British Israeli Chamber.  As has been pointed out by many commentators, for Eastern Europe and other nations to grow their economic wealth, they cannot rely solely on increasing domestic demand, which often results in increased demand for imports.  They must also leverage their work force's skill and cost advantages alongside an innovative culture which can create quaity goods and services which are competitive in the export market.  

There are several examples of innovation in both the Baltics and the Balkans, either in terms of the development of new ecommerce applications in the North and the growth of complex Business Process Offshoring capacity in the South.  We will return to this topic in a subsequent blog.

In the meantime we welcome Len into the team and look forward to working with the new growth enterprises of the future.  Cyprus is a key offshore jurisdiction frequently used to host an intermediate funding vehicle both for efficient tax structures but also a more predictable, UK-law based judicial system.  The domestic market in Cyprus is also encouraging as it emerges from the troubles encountered in its financing industry.  EBRD's newest country of operations is Cyprus.  You can read more about Len's background in our Team and Experience section.       

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