EU and European Investment Bank Eastern Partnership Summit, Vienna, Austria. 2011

Wyn River Limited is a London based organisation but has highly experienced resident associates and affiliated firms in all Central and South East European countries, plus several in the Caucasus, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Africa.  Below is a list of named associates and senior members of our affiliated firms. We also have connections in most countries across this large geography who we can access for our clients whenever and wherever you need support.  Short profiles of the contacts listed below can be found in the Team and Experience section.

United Kingdom – Head Office

Nigel Davies – prime contact for all Central and South East Europe, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Africa inquiries


Wyn River Limited
1 Golden Court, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1EU, United Kingdom (Registered Office)

+44 20 3588 0099
Mobile: +44 7967 663547

The Queen's Royal Rowing Barge Gloriana in July 2014 with Richmond Bridge in the distance. 

Location maps and directions for London

We generally arrange to meet our clients in the City of London, or in Mayfair.  We use the Chartered Accountant's Hall of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales in the City.  If we have agreed to meet at the ICAEW in Moorgate, you can download directions here.

We may arrange meetings for our clients with specialist regional Private Equity firms in Mayfair, in which case we may use the facilities of the East India Club in St James’s Square, just off Piccadilly and Pall Mall.  Here is a link to the club website which includes directions.  

East India Club, St James's Square, London, 2013

Wyn River associates and affiliated firms resident in Central and South East Europe, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Africa.


Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia

Michael Glazer*
+385 98 310771


Cyprus and Israel

Len Judes
+972 54 598 9638

Czech Republic

Jan Havel
+420 724 936 340


Andres Mandel* 
+372 5025425


Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan

Gigi Mikabadze*
+995 322 226 313


Konstantinos Kappos*
+30 210 729 9841



Benjamin Godwin
+44 7432 195217

Kenya and Uganda

Maarten Susan*
+254 7 2411 4111

Kosovo and Macedonia

Genc Rraci*
+377 44 599010



Mārtiņš Zutis
+371 29269539


Romania and Moldova

Ben Geels*
+40 730 074300

Romania and Moldova

Didier Lepoutre*
+40 723 668514


Serbia and Montenegro

Mila Korugic Milosevic
+381 63 244 606

Slovak Republic

Hugo Green
+421 905 238 029


Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2014

Wyn River associates and affiliated firms in Western Europe and other parts of the world



Marvin Buddingh'
+31 62 8273701


Michiel van Overbeek
+31 65 3187219


Denis Ryabchenko
+65 9152 4960


United Kingdom

Graham Duncan
+44 754 900 5681

United Kingdom

Wayne Evans
+44 777 5697172


United Kingdom

Clive Gallagher* 
+44 777 554 6206

United Kingdom

Nathan Goode 
+44 7887 625265

United Kingdom and Oman

Lars Hagelmann 


United Kingdom

Kim Christian Köhler*
+44 771 521 0370

United Kingdom

Richard Mort

+44 7815 119525


United Kingdom

Waltraud Sedounik* 
+44 20 7233 8982

United Kingdom

Peter Whiting
+44 7811 358 016


* Affiliated Firm to Wyn River Limited 

You can read summary CVs of a selection of Wyn River associates and senior members of our affiliated firms in our Team and Experience section

Berat, Albania, 2013

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